Co-Host Wanted for a Technical Podcast

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I am looking out for a Co-Host in Europe to be part of a new podcast venture.

I would like to start a new podcast that focuses on the life around servers and networking. I believe there is a gap in the market as I have yet to find one in the format I like.

It would be based on servers mainly Microsoft, Virtualization and networking (wan, lan and firewalls) being used in small to medium business and in the enterprise.

I am hoping to record a show every two week where we discuses a bit of theory, maybe some tutorials, stories from the trenches

This may suit someone who is  working on an IT helpdesk for a company and wants to move in to server admin or a fellow tech who works with Microsoft servers daily.

I have done one show so far which is part of Podnutz Network: but would like to do more but the problem is I am based in the UK and it is hard to schedule with the guy in America. So this is why I am looking for some one base in Europe to make scheduling easier.

I am afraid you will not get paid. I am just doing to give  something back IT community and to help my presentation skills. But hope you will get something out of being part of the podcast

All you will need is a good mic. But we can discuss this more if you get in touch.

If you would  like to join me on this venture you can email me at alchristman @ or contact me on google plus  or fellow me if you would like to keep updated on the podcast








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