vSphere 5.1 single sign on SQL named instance error

I have been testing upgrading vSphere 5.0 to 5.1, The first prerequisite is that you need to install VMware Single Sign On.

When you install this you can either use the built in SOL express or use full blown sql and then create your own database as describe in the user guide.

If you are using the SQL default instance  the install works fine. But if you are using a  SQL named instance like I was(testvc01\testsql) I could not get the setup to get past the database information screen, I could not get it talk to my  SQL named instance using  JDBC. Single Sign On uses JDBC and not DSN like vSphere and Update Manager to speak to SQL

I could not find any documentation from vmmare if the single sign on supports  SQL named instances. I found something that  it does not support SQL cluster database.

But after trial and error found out that from looking at the logs, it was get a connection refused error on port 1433. Doing  a

netstat -an |find /i "listening"

there was nothing listing on that port. Only the default instances of the SQL uses that port. All SQL named instance uses a dynamic port. If you use “SQL Server Configuration Manager”  look under Protocols  for that instance, Doube click on the TCP/IP, Then click on IP address tab and scroll down to the bottom it shown you the dymanitc port the name instance is using dynamic port in my case 49325.

On the datebase information screen, change the port from to 1433 to 49325. Making sure you have entered the FQDN of the sqlserver,Database name,Username and Password. You will be able to click next and get to the next page.

Obviously this a dynamic port which mean that it may change on the server when it get rebooted or when then the service is restarted. You can set a static port manually. Go back to the same place in “SQL Server Configuration Manager”  as before and scroll down to the bottom and you can enter a static port under used port into  the “TCP Port”. I chose 1435. Just stop and start the sql service to make the change happen.




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