Processing order of Group policy

1:/Deafult (the original windows settings)

2:/ Local Group Policy object

3:/ Site

3:/ Domain

4:/OU (Highest in the Active Directory hierarchy are processed first)

The last group policy applied is the settings which are applied to the computer or user.

Enabling a Block Inherence on a OU stop any group policy above the this OU being applied. (Some Default Domain policy security settings are allowed to be applied)

Setting enforced on group policy overwrites any below group policy object and ignores Block inherence set on an OU.

Loop back policy,This can be applied on a OU via a group policy. Then this group policy is applied last,This is handy when you want to set user setting only to be applied to a user when then log on to a terminal server.


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Update rollup 2 for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2 (KB2661854) ended prematurely

When you are trying to install Update rollup 2 for Exchange 2010 Service Pack 2. The setup will stop and display the above image.

This is due to UAC and you will need to run the update as administrator. You normally do this by right click the exe and select “run as administrator”

But this can be as this update is not a exe but a msp file.

To fix:

I have download the update rollup to c:\installs

1)Run a command prompt as a administrator (Find the command prompt in the start menu and right click it and select “Run as administrator”)

2) Change to the installs directory and execute “Exchange2010KB2661854-x64-en.msp”

The update rollup should install successfully. It make take a long to complete as is has to generate a lot of .net code and images

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